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Restoring Dreams, Redeeming Lives & Rebuilding Futures


Ref·u·gee |  Ref·uge  |  Rifugio  

Casa di Rifugio {House of Refuge} offers a place of hope and belonging for the displaced, disheartened and disillusioned. We are committed to proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ and to helping restore lost dreams, redeem the lives of those who have made the dangerous journey and build the futures of each person whom Jesus loves.

The Situation


our mission


Casa di Rifugio | House of Refuge

We will be ministering to the refugee and immigrant populations on the island of Sicily. The mission of Casa di Rifugio is to provide a place of hope and belonging to the people within the community. We believe this to be a HOLISTIC mission, sharing the whole gospel to the whole person. This means meeting their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. PHYSICAL, by assisting them with basic essentials such as food and clothing. EMOTIONAL, by giving them access to fun and creative classes and activities to uplift their spirits. And most importantly SPIRITUAL, by discipling and teaching them the Word of God and who He is. We want to be more than a friendly face in the community. We want to build relationships with the people, get to know them and their story, and ultimately share the message of the gospel with them and how Jesus can completely transform their life!



"The Power of Language"

A missionary team in Sicily met with a refugee from Eritrea (near Ethiopia). He was about 30 years old and a previous school teacher. He had been given an English New Testament many years ago and had read it many times, but he didn't understand it very well, though he learned English when he was young in school. When he was given the Scriptures in Tigrinya (language of Eritrea), he said the words came to life! He began to understand things he previously could not! The truth became more evident to him when reading it in his mother tongue!

"Safe Passage"

A Nigerian man. A Songwriter and a rapper. He worked as a mechanic in Libya for several years before coming to Italy by boat.

     He told me this story of a miracle:

As he left the shore of Africa on a small, old, fishing boat with a bad motor, he prayed to God to keep him safe. Somewhere along their journey, the motor to the boat ran out of fuel. They were drifting along in the Mediterranean Sea in a boat filled beyond capacity. He began praying that God do something to save them. The boat was taking on water and it wasn't long until it would capsize. As he was praying, the motor that was empty of fuel, began to work again! They were able to get moving again and lasted just long enough for them to be picked up by an Italian patrol vessel and brought to safety in Italy.

"A Planted Seed"

A man approached some missionaries in Sicily and asked if they were muslim. They said, "No, we are Christ followers." He then pulls out this little pamphlet and said, "I read this book (about 30 pages) and everything in it is true!" They asked him, "Are you a follower of Christ?" He said, "No, I'm a muslim, but the words in this book are true! I know it!" The book was a kind of very old Christian literature that he had received from someone 24 years ago. It contained the message of the Gospel, explained the need for a Savior and the story of redemption, etc. He had carried it with him since he was a young man. Then he asked, "I'm sorry there is writing all over it, but could you find more of these books? I want to give them to all of my friends." The missionary asked how many he needed. He wanted 500 copies to give to his muslim friends!!!